peppermint-mango exfoliant scrub
Peppermint Mango Scrub

Our Mango-Peppermint Exfoliant is an excellent and gentle scrub that leaves your skin feeling smooth, refreshed and radiant. We have combined mango, olive oil and peppermint together for their unique characteristics and benefits to the skin.

Sandalwood Scrub

We developed this scrub for men as it has a wonderful exotic scent.
We found that it is excellent for sun damaged skin and for acne.
The natural ingredients have effective astringent properties and the pumice/sandalwood gives an invigorating and effective scrub.

Apricot Scrub

Apricot Shells are finely ground from the seeds of the Apricot to deep-clean, renew and detoxify all skin types.  
Mango butter and olive oil are natural antioxidants and also contain vitamins A and E, as well as polyphenols that are well known for their ability to postpone aging.
Keeps the skin soft and glowing.