Skin is much softer ...

I started to use Maplehill Day Spa creams on my legs and I notice a big improvement. My skin from the ankles up on both legs were getting more and more blotchy and the skin felt rough and dry, almost like scaley. Since I have used the cream the blotches are fading away and the skin is much much softer. I am very pleased with the results.
- Myrta


Fabulous natural products ...

When I purchased that wonderful cream from you I was excited to use it because I know you produce really high quality natural products. Since starting off with your scrubs, I notice such a difference. My face glows.  Now with your face cream it's fabulous and it has long lasting feeling. You were right you need so little and it goes so far.  Thank you Lorrie. I know this the only cream I will ever buy going forward. Being that your products are all natural, it has been a bleesing that I found you.  I will let more women and men realize what they are missing out on not using your fabulous natural products.
- Anja


No need to search further ...

Lorrie is it.
Your search for a Spa with the right mix of treatments delivered by a professional, knowledgeable and skilled person is over. She brings the complete package to your service, with a warm and inviting environment.
- Ken.

Lorrie makes time for me ......

I'm a hairdresser so I activate my shoulder pain often. I never know when it will be aggravated. Lorrie always can give me a pre-booked treatment or a last minute "emergency treatment".



Healing hands ....

I constantly suggest Maplehill Day Spa to all my friends, family and clients. The professionalism and healling hands Lorrie provides is something to talk about.
- JL


Helps with vertigo...

In the past I sometimes suffered with vertigo.  The first time I was hospitalized for 4 days.  Bed rest and gravol pills.
The next time I saw a Physio Therapist 3 x the first week and several appointments over the next while.  It took a long time before I was comfortable going out on my own.
This last lime I went to a Reflexologist - Lorrie Good.  After a short time working on my toes the room stopped spinning.  What a relief.  Yes, my head still felt fuzzy for a while, but the walls stopped moving.  Thanks Lorrie you did wonders for me.
I would advise anyone that suffers with dizzy spells to try a good Reflexologist like Lorrie Good.  It most definitely made my life enjoyable a lot sooner.
Thank you very much

M. E.